Whereas patients have a wide range of healthcare options, knowing where to turn for help in a frightening and unexpected medical concern could be confusing. You may be uncertain whether you should go to the emergency room or right to an urgent care facility. However, urgent care clinics are a terrific way to ensure your healthcare needs are fulfilled appropriately. Schedule for a Covington urgent visit to enjoy reduced wait times and top-quality care, where your health and wellness are prioritized. Meanwhile, read on for greater insight into urgent care and what you must know before visiting one.

Urgent Care Clinic Wait Times Are Generally Shorter

The wait times are one of the best aspects of Urgent Care. If you have ever visited an emergency department, you know how long the lines could be. In the United States, you may expect to wait not less than an hour, with ER wait times rising. Over 140 million individuals visit emergency departments in the United States each year. These vast numbers eventually strain the system. However, your wait time may be as little as 15 minutes at an urgent care clinic. If you have healthcare needs that are not life-threatening, urgent care could get you in and ensure you enjoy prompt care.

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Urgent Care Is Not Like an Emergency Room

Though urgent care clinics could help with a wide range of healthcare issues, they are not a substitute for emergency rooms. Severe, life-threatening situations like childbirth or a heart attack should have you visit the ER. If you are in a scenario where you think you will need an ambulance or paramedics, you should call the emergency helpline.

Understand Your Healthcare Insurance

A trip to the emergency room is not cheap. Even with adequate healthcare insurance, even minor difficulties can cost ER patients a considerable chunk. Based on your insurance policy, most trips to an urgent care center will cost you significantly less than the emergency room.

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What Are The Services Accessible?

Urgent care facilities provide a diverse range of services. Coverage is far more extensive than you might believe. Some of the concerns that could be identified and cared for at Oasis Healthcare Service, Inc. include:

§  Flu, fever, or cold

§  Ear infections

§  Sexually transmitted infections

§  Asthma symptoms

§  Seizures

§  Strains and sprains

§  Urinary tract infections

§  Chronic disease care, including high blood pressure, cardiovascular illness, and diabetes

§  Sore throat

How to Prepare For Your Visit?

When visiting an urgent care facility, you will want to be organized. Typically, you will not see your regular physician; thus, you must bring any crucial identification documents. Besides, you should bring any relevant medical information or records to give your current provider a look at your health history.

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Urgent care facilities are excellent places to go if you need immediate medical attention at a low cost. Next time you are thinking about phoning your primary care specialist or going to the emergency room, contemplate visiting the urgent care doctors at Oasis Healthcare Service, Inc. Whether you want a screening, aesthetic surgery, or any other service, the expert staff can assist. Make an appointment through mobile or book online to discuss your concerns with a skilled expert and determine what procedure is appropriate for you.