Are you sure your Floor Cleaner does a good job of cleaning and disinfecting your floor? This article will help you figure out if the floor cleaner is working. Plus, when babies crawl on the floor, small children use it as a play area. They make them more vulnerable to infection, so you need a floor cleaner not only to clean our floors. But it also helps kill germs on the floor.

What do you need to know about the floor cleaner?

What chemicals do your floor cleaners contain? Is it toxic?

Among the many active ingredients that surfaces and floor cleaners include: 

  • Ethanol is a liquid that acts as an antiseptic. 
  • Isopropyl alcohol is responsible for the strong smell of disinfectants. 
  • Disinfectants such as p-Chloro-o-benzylphenol, o-Phenylphenol, and lactic acid.
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However, the extremely toxic substances that must be checked on the label include perchloroethylene, triclosan, and 2-butoxyethanol. It can be a health hazard if touched regularly.

What do the symbols on the floor cleaner packaging mean?

Almost all floor cleaners have a few symbols on the label. The most common are:

  • Keep it out of reach of children and pets – store it in a hard-to-reach cupboard because it can be dangerous or deadly when swallowed.
  • Irritating to eyes and skin. Hazardous fumes from harmful chemicals and ingredients such as ammonia and bleach may cause skin burns and can cause blindness if it gets into the eyes.
  • Wash your hands after handling – the chemical residues from these products can cause dermatitis, the conditions associated with itching, dryness, scaling, or a red, swollen skin rash.
  • Do not mix with other household cleaners. Mixing different cleaners can be dangerous as chemicals may react negatively to produce harmful gases or fumes. 
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A complete checklist to know if your floor cleaner is working or not:

Should kill germs and viruses: Although a regular Floor Cleaner will remove any visible dirt and grime on the floor, you need a floor cleaner that can do more than that. You need a floor cleaner with a sparkling floor that can effectively kill germs. 

You should not use an excessive amount of floor cleaner: All make the mistake of using more floor cleaners when our floors get dirty. Unfortunately, this will leave a sticky residue on the floor, which will allow more dirt to stick. This made us realize that a good floor cleaner doesn’t need to be taken in excess to perform well. Instead, you have to add two cups of floor cleaner to half a bucket of water and mop the floor to keep the floor clean and germ-free.

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The stains should be removed: The floors tend to be resistant to stubborn stains such as coffee, tea, juice, wine, etc. No matter what type of stain, floor cleaners always help remove the stain. 

It should be able to clean the surface in many ways. For example, you often see that floor cleaner are only used to disinfect floors. But with the best Floor Cleaner, it can be used on ceramic tile, hard floors, or even bathroom fixtures, so this product and disinfection became a budget-friendly choice for you because you do not have to invest in various products for longer surface disinfection.

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