Social - Top 5 Tips on How to Do Social Prospecting Properly
May 19, 2022

In today’s modern world with a global market, attracting customers continuously is more than necessary. There is a huge level of competition, and everyone wants to find loyal buyers.

Social Prospecting

There are a lot of strategies to find and attract prospective customers, and one of them is social prospecting, which is one of the most cost-effective ways. In essence, business means sales, and often it doesn’t matter how good your service or product is if there isn’t a powerful sales team to use the proper marketing strategy. 

Therefore, let’s see some valuable tips on doing it right. 

Proper Outreach Timing

Since social prospecting means using social media platforms to research, find, and interact with prospects, you have to use the proper timing to outreach. 

There are some statistics about when is the best time to post something on any social media, but people don’t know your schedule, and there isn’t a 100% set frequency on how often you should be looking for potential customers. Therefore, this means that it’s always an ongoing process, so if you see something relevant, you should act.

Of course, waiting can sometimes be beneficial, but you shouldn’t reach out to people beyond a week after their interaction online since it’s essential to respond within a couple of days maximum. It’s simple, the sooner, the better. 

Some of the most common ways to do so are to comment on the post in question or find the site contact page and send a direct message since, many times, emailing a prospective buyer directly is better. Still, remember that proper timing is everything; the longer you wait, the chance is lower that someone will see it. 

Personalization Is Important, But Don’t Exaggerate

Personalization is indeed vital in social outreach, but it’s also essential not to exaggerate. A balance must be present between responding soon enough and the time spent to personalize a message. Therefore, you should make a template that can be personalized while saving time to outreach and use tools to make the social prospecting personalization fast and effective. 

In addition, it’s also important to mention that considering the fact that you are social prospecting, the personalization aspect is valuable, but if you get carried away, it will only destroy the process. People love to get personalized messages when something is offered to them, but if you exaggerate, it will be too evident that you are trying to sell, and it can have the opposite effect. 

It’s True – Less Is More

It is often better not to reach a broad group of people who are less of a match; instead, it is much better to have a smaller group of prospective customers that fit your target audience characteristics. You should be aware that it is your job to find these prospective buyers since there are always some people that are not satisfied with some services and products and go to social media to complain almost every day. 

In order to make the process a lot easier, you can narrow the target audience by filtering it, mainly through filters such as geographic location, topics that influencers follow the most, interests on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, and so on. Also, you can trend on Twitter or any other social media channels like Tik Tok, which is a fantastic way to attract customers. 

In essence, narrow your focus to be more effective since going after everyone is impossible. 

Testing Means Improvement

The only way to become better is to test constantly, meaning that even if you have created some template that is effective, it’s beneficial to challenge your approach and test various emails. This attitude will help you in a significant way to make many email outreach templates that can bring valuable results to your business. 

Furthermore, you should also test the way you find prospective customers on social media platforms. Therefore, use various keywords since you can find prospective buyers that are already asking questions you can answer right away, and they will be interested in your services and products even if they don’t know who you are. 

Create and Join Groups Online 

Last but not least, be aware that social media groups are a fantastic source for prospective buyers. You should find out which groups are most suitable for you and where you can find your target audience. For instance, LinkedIn and Facebook groups are excellent for this since many people use groups on these social media platforms to find the correct answers to their questions. Furthermore, they also search for high-quality content that can solve their issues and even search for services and products they want. 

Therefore, you have to monitor these types of groups online, be active in them by posting content and answering questions, and you will be able to find a lot more prospective customers for your company’s business. 

So, use these tips and proper prospecting tools in order to find the best prospective buyers and attract them to your services and products! 

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