SEO 2 - SEO Mistakes That Are Affecting Your Small Business
December 12, 2021

What’s topmost on the mind of any SEO-inclined small business owner is how they can increase engagement and convert them to profit. In the process of employing SEO, small business owners usually fall into the trap of sacrificing quality. This is generally due to a lack of funding, which small business loans can easily solve. In the process, a cobra effect ensues, where the solution creates even more problems. 

When poorly implemented SEO strategies can create an illusion of growth but hurt the business behind the scenes. In this article, we will find out how damaging a poorly implemented SEO strategy can be to your business, the popular SEO mistakes that small businesses make, and how to correct or avoid them on the way to giving your business the right SEO diet

SEO Mistakes for Small Business

How Bad is SEO Affecting Your Small Business? 

It’s best not to delve into SEO at all or wait until you are ready to do what it takes. This is because poorly executed SEO drives can forever ruin the reputation of your business in the eyes of online customers and will cause patronage and profit to fall. 

Search engines will penalize your website for every negative SEO practice you engage in. 

If your website had previously occupied an enviable rank on Google, it could drop way down the bottom, taking your brand reputation along with it. Repairing a damaged reputation can take a long while and will cost more money than you prepared for. 

Main SEO Mistakes to Avoid in your Small Business 

If you want your business to achieve and maintain success, here are some of the popular SEO mistakes you should avoid. 

1. Excessively cutting costs

SEO is a marketing practice whose benefits are worth your substantial financial investments. Small business owners know this. Yet, some hurdles could stand in the way. Bad SEO strategies or implementation stems from the financial inadequacy of small businesses. In this situation, it’s effortless to opt for shoddy jobs and low-budget SEO guys. The result, in most cases, is a complete disaster. 

2. Poor web content 

Many small businesses make the mistake of prioritizing the quantity of content over quality. When this happens, page visitors are put off and make their exit almost immediately after they visit and will most likely never return. 

3. Keyword stuffing 

When small business websites input a truckload of keywords in their content, they believe that multiple keywords will improve the website’s rank options. It does the opposite. 

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4. Neglecting to address website speed 

Unless your website has content that can cure a global pandemic, it won’t be easy to find visitors who can endure the wait for a page to load. Poor loading speeds stem from poor website hosting. No matter how unique your content is, your website can put off its visitors if it takes forever to move to a page from another one.

5. Neglecting CTAs 

Quality website content without CTA is a waste of effort. Without a call to action, you will only be driving the visitor around without arriving at a destination. SEO aims to gain patronage and without CTAs, you will end up with prospective customers who want to patronize you but don’t know-how.  

6. Neglecting mobile-friendliness 

More visitors access websites through mobile devices. Making your website mobile-friendly will increase the ease with which mobile users view your site. It will cost more to make your website mobile-friendly but neglecting to do so will make your website lose its grip on valuable visitors and potential customers. 

7. Neglecting keyword research

The right keywords make a notable difference in your SEO drive. Not only will it attract a larger volume of visitors, but it will also link the target customers to your website. Another element that your keywords should contain is location. Adding locations to your keyword will help your business attract customers who will be most likely to do business with you. 

How to Avoid SEO Mistakes

Hiring the right SEO experts will go a long way in helping your website avoid SEO mistakes. However, skilled and experienced SEO professionals come at a higher price. Is it worth it? Absolutely! One way you can get funding to implement quality marketing strategies like SEO is through small business loans. You can visit Camino Financial now to discuss your needs and get any loans that best suit your marketing needs. 


While SEO is a potent tool for boosting business profitability, you should take care to do it right. You can make many mistakes while implementing your SEO drive, proving costly and damaging to your brand. You can avoid these by getting the funds to finance a quality SEO campaign. One of the ways to access funding is through small business loans.

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