Hailey 218x150 1 - Justin Bieber describes Hailey’s medical emergency as “frightening” but assures her that she is “strong and recovering.”
March 15, 2022

Justin Bieber has finally spoken out of his wife’s health, Hailey Baldwin. The singer informed his fans that his wife was strong and on the mend.

Bieber discussed the ‘crazy curveballs’ that life throws at people during the show. Not everything, he maintains, can be controlled. but he also claims that his wife is recuperating from a significant health problem. “It’s kind of strange how life tosses you curveballs at random. “We don’t have much control,” he admitted.

Bieber concluded his statement by saying that the incident had been “horrifying” for them both. He reassured me, though, that everything was OK now. “Justin Bieber has finally spoken out about the health of his wife, Hailey Baldwin. But she’s OK, terrifying, terrifying. But I am sure that God holds her in the palms of his hands.

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That comes days after People reported that the musician can sleep.’ Hailey does not want anyone to be concerned about her safety. a gateway source claimed, “but it was a scary scenario.” But, the Sorry singer is still very worried about her. “He has trouble sleeping. While she sleeps, he remains up all night watching her, “added the insider.

The problem arose after technical difficulties disrupted Justin’s Justice World Tour performance, and The performance was interrupted by a power outage.

Justin Bieber talked before a performance.

Before performing his next song, “As I Am,” the two-time Grammy winner talked about vulnerabilities, which he claimed aren’t always perceived as “cool” or “normal” to talk about it.


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“Talking about it is the finest thing you can ever do,” he remarked, later adding, “it is the greatest thing you can do.” Because then you can let it all out, and people get to know you better and have deeper bonds, which is fantastic. I’m self-conscious. I’m afraid of something. You don’t have to hide those things, either. You know, that’s what makes you unique.

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Justin then explained what the song meant to him, adding that it’s about “the people who love and know me” and “accept me as I am,” despite his flaws. That’s quite nice.

In an Instagram post on March 12, Hailey revealed the news of her blood clot, recounting how she was sitting at breakfast with Justin on March 10 when she “started having stroke-like symptoms” and was transported to the hospital.

“They discovered I had a tiny blood clot in my brain,” she said, “which caused a small loss of oxygen, but my body had cleared it on its own, and I recovered within a few hours.”

While the runway star said that it was “one of the worst times” of her life, she also stated that she was “home now and doing fine,” thanking “all the amazing doctors and nurses” who helped her.

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The medical emergency of Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin

The model revealed on Instagram on Saturday that she was eating breakfast with Justin when the stroke-like symptoms began. Hailey’s transfer to the hospital for treatment. Where she learned a bit of clot in her brain was to blame, A lack of oxygen brought on her sickness. She penned, “I was eating breakfast with my husband on Thursday morning when I began to experience stroke-like symptoms and run out to the hospital. They discovered that I had a tiny blood clot in my brain, which had caused a temporary loss of oxygen, but that it had cleared on its own and that I had recovered within a few hours “.

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