social 3 - Ideas And Steps To A Successful Social Media Video Marketing Strategy
May 18, 2022

Are you working on a social media marketing strategy and looking for digital marketing tips for your business? Do you plan to increase the returns with effective and relevant posts and content?

If you aren’t doing it already, now is an excellent time to start thinking video-first.  

Instagram Reels, YouTube Videos, and Facebook live are the most popular content amongst most age groups today. Your target audience would prefer viewing visual content over written posts. The main reason is that it is easier to consume video content and helps get the knowledge to the user faster. 

However, you can maximise revenue and outcome with your social media videos only when you have the apt strategy. It is essential to know who will be watching these videos, what kind of content they like, and how long they watch videos daily. 

social media video marketing strategy

Steps to a Successful Social Media Video Strategy

You cannot devise a sound video marketing strategy in a day. You need to research, understand and analyse to get a suitable plan. Once you have the methods defined for your social media videos, you can start working on the creation and posting calendars.

Determine the Target Market

Your goals and strategy remain incomplete if you don’t know who your audience is. For example, people with limited income and who are away from home may watch simple cooking videos. People who love cat videos may watch cat reels.

Knowing your target audience is key to getting the video strategy right. You should know what kind of videos they like consuming in your niche. Also understand how and at what time they are most active on social media platforms.

This information about your target audience will help you build a sound video strategy for the social media platforms. 

Set your Social Media Goals

What do you want from your social media channels?

Once you have defined the audience for your posts, you should know what you aim to achieve. If you are a jewellery startup, Instagram could be your storefront. You may want more people to buy your stuff via Instagram. If you are a service company, you might want to use this platform to get more visits to your website.

The idea at this point is to know why you need social media for your business. Do you want to generate leads through this medium, or do you want people to know your brand?

It could also be a combination of two or more goals. For example, you may want to boost visibility while getting more leads and sales. It is essential to get your plane right before starting the posting strategy and schedule.

Define the Video Budget

With marketers slowly increasing their investments in social media videos, it has become essential for businesses to know the budget beforehand.

If you have created a holistic strategy, but your budget doesn’t support it, the whole process would be a waste. Instead of getting started with the plan, you should begin with the budget. What amount of marketing budget would you devote to videos? Keep in mind that there are free video creator tools that can be used to save money. 

It will become easier to get started when you have a number to answer this question. In some cases, you may be planning reels that are not as expensive as a YouTube video. It is essential to consider all aspects when planning the cost of your video marketing. 

Select the Distribution Platform

Several platforms support videos but each platform has different types of videos. When you choose the social media platform for distribution, you need to consider the average view time, the size limitations, and the users in the platform among other things. 

For example, Instagram reels are an excellent way to engage customers. Facebook live is an exciting way to connect with people. YouTube, too, has different ways, including shorts and videos. 

Depending on your target audience, budget, and the goals you aim to achieve, you will need to plan the distribution platforms. If you believe you will gain maximum traction from YouTube, you should plan videos for this platform.

Choose the Video Type

Choose the video type you want to provide your customers with. This can only be achieved when you completely understand your target audience.

The different types of videos include:

● Educational videos: These could be a product information video or a how-to video that educates the user on how to use the product

● Behind-the-scenes: This introduces the people involved in creating the product or service, which can create a personal bond with the viewers

● Blooper videos: These videos show the human side of the business, giving the brand a human touch

These are just some types that we believe are engaging and relevant. You can also go for informative, interview-style, or user stories for the video content. 

Plan for the Content

Once you have the distribution and media strategy ready, it is time to work on the content. It would help if you had a full schedule prepared for every reel or video on social media channels. This includes the content type, the production stages, and the post-production elements.

Know the equipment you will need

Check the content for the script

Create a mood board and storyboard for the shoot

Plan the shoot day, place, and other details

Know the people who would be involved in the shoot

Identify the editing timeline

When you have all these steps added, make sure there is a date for each of these things added next to it. It will help you plan things meticulously and send out a brilliant video that engages the viewers. 

Know your Metrics

Every marketer knows the importance of metrics. If you want to understand the impact of content, you should have the numbers beside it. 

For this very purpose, your strategy should include the metrics that can help you determine the effectiveness of your video. For example, if you want to build brand awareness, you might want to check the time spent on the video, the total number of people who played the video, and other relevant numbers.

Your metrics should be in sync with your goals for video marketing.  


When you plan your video marketing, you should think of an attract-delight-engage model to ensure you get maximum traction.

Have an SEO strategy in mind. Pull your customers with good content and a catchy title. Make the video relevant to their needs and ensure it fulfils one of their goals.

While planning for new videos, don’t forget the old ones. Keep reusing them to create shorts or reels that can get more people to watch the longer format. 

The key lies in creating, optimising, and promoting the videos with a sound strategy. 

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