online class 2 - How Not Be Greedy And Ask For More Even When We Have Enough
March 15, 2022

 We see that not everyone is a natural giver and that some
struggle with generosity because they are worried that their resources would
not be enough for them. That is mainly if they give to others too. We see that
others are focused on saving as much as possible for the future that has yet
not come and giving to others would defeat their purpose as well. We know that
however, we all know that an ideal human being is someone generous as well. We
are all the type of people who admire generous people, especially those who
have helped us too. Students these days express gratitude to people who use 
 Online teaching apps or Online classes.


We know that surely, there are times in a person’s life when they are in need
and someone walked in to help as well. They must remember how that person’s
generosity touched their lives as well. Now, it is their chance to pay it
forward too. They must remember those who have not helped them when they were
in need too. We know that this is not to have a grudge against those people as
well. We know that instead, they must use any experience of being neglected to
remind themselves not to do it to others. They know how it feels to be helpless
so allow people to use them to help those in that situation as well. They must
remember that they do not live only for themselves as well. They must remember
that they have been created for a greater purpose as well as that is to be
God’s hands and feet in reaching out to others too. If they have a desire to
see this world as a better place, then they must be a contributor to change.
They must use what they have to help the needy and influence others to do the
same as well. They must remember to develop compassion for others as well and
see that generosity starts with compassion.

If they can see and feel the
hardships of others, then they would probably be more compassionate towards
them as well. They must allow themselves to mingle with people who are hurting
or in need, and their hearts will melt as well. They must think about the loved
ones who might be needing others’ help as well. They must probably, think they
would not be needing anybody’s help because they have everything too. We know
that God is not blessing them to be stingy at all. If they are giving them
overflowing blessings, then they probably want to use them as a channel of
blessings to others. They must be good stewards by sharing and helping others
in need as well. They may have everything now but nothing is permanent in this
world as we all know. They must avoid being mean and uncaring about others’
needs because of that someday, they might be the ones needing their help. They
must remember to be kind and generous to everyone around them as well.

must remember that they do not just help others in prayer as well. They could
be the answer to their prayers too and if god is convicting them to help
someone, then do it. They must be content with what they have. We know that it
is one way to overcome greed is by being content with what they have. They must
remember to be thankful to God for the blessings they give to them. They have
to achieve their dreams and give their family a better life, but always guard
their heart against greed as well. They must be careful not to be too focused
on getting richer as well to the point that they seldom have time for their
family and friends anymore. They must always remember that the greatest
treasure they can find on earth is not gold or money, but love as we know. If
they would love other people like how they love themselves, surely they would
not be greedy towards them. They would not hesitate to give or help those who
are suffering because they can sympathize with them as well.

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