Olympic handball or more commonly known as
handball is a team game that is played in an indoor court. The team consists of
seven players and they are divided into a goalkeeper and 6 out court players.
The team’s goal is to use a ball and score points by throwing the ball into the
opponent’s goal. The game is played for two sections of thirty minutes each,
and the team that scores the most points wins.

The game is played indoors and on a court
that is the size of 40 by 20 meters. The court has two goals at the end of the
court and with the goal, there is a 60-foot area where only the defending
goalkeeper is allowed to move. The rules for making a goal is that the person
throwing the ball must be outside the boundary or they can also throw while
diving into the goalkeeper’s area. The game is considered to be fast and a
little bit dangerous since body contact is allowed. Although body contact is
allowed there is no protective equipment that is mandated in the game but
professional players do wear soft padding and mouth guards to help prevent any

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In the recent years the technology that is
being used in this games has improved so significantly that it has made the
judging process easier for the judges, and also the quality of the transmission
of the games over the internet and the cable television has improved so much
that you can experience the games as they were happening right in front of you,
while still sitting in front of your media center. Equipment such as hawk-eye
cameras, health management systems, multiple AI and machine learning algorithms
that monitor foul play, and many other advancements make sports safer,
accessible, and tamperproof.

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Fans of the Game

Like any other game in the world, handball
also has its fair share of fans. On September 6, 2014, between a match between
HSV Hamburg and the Mannheim-based Rhein-Neckar Lions, there was witnessed a
crowd of 44,189 fans and it was the largest crowd there has ever been in a
handball match at a neutral location. There are many fans of the game that take
their enthusiasm for the game to the next level by using bet365 and
betting on these games. There are more than 27 million registered players
around the world and if there are these many players we can also imagine the
number of fans there is for the game.

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Technology Used In the Game

Nowadays judges only play a small part in
the decision-making process of the games. Thanks to the advancements in the
world of cameras, computers, Artificial intelligence, and many other genres,
computers determine the results of the games using carefully constructed
algorithms and relevant data sets.

There also have been major advancements in
the telecommunication industry which help us watch our beloved sports from another
continent at the same time as they are being performed.

Tech has also helped in many other areas
such as monitoring the performance and health of the athletes. Devices that are
as small as pills have been developed that monitor the health and performance
of the athletes while giving no disadvantages to the athletes using them.

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There are two teams of seven players, one
goalkeeper and the rest out court, the teams attempt to score points by
throwing the ball into the opponent’s goal, and the game is won by the team
that scores the most points in the 60 minutes that they are allotted.

There are approximately 27 million players
for handball in the world and almost as many if not more, fans of the game.
These fans use pro-stave.com to
bet on their favorite games and enhance their gaming experience.