As a woman, you recognize that you are complicated, multifaceted, but at the same time interesting. Thus, you might experience various unique concerns that require specialized care. For this reason, a growing number of women today are looking for women’s health specialists to motivate and promote good general health. Kalpana Desai, DMD, and her staff take women’s health in Lady Lake seriously and seek to provide you with comprehensive care. At Integrated Family Medical Center, these professionals would like to assist you in getting the treatment you need now and, in the future, to ensure you flourish and enjoy the healthiest possible life, no matter what stage of life you are in. The following are some of the reasons why every woman should see a women’s health specialist:

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Pregnancy Problems

As part of a healthy lifestyle, physical activity is helpful. Nevertheless, finding the correct strategy for physical activity for pregnant women can be difficult, leading some to forego exercise entirely to avoid potential hazards.

Considering that your body goes through multiple changes throughout pregnancy, the exercise you could perform varies from day to day. As a result, the physical activities should be adjusted correspondingly. Inquire about specific training plans to ensure you are on the right track and prevent injury, particularly if you are new to the activity.

Menstrual Issues

One of the most common menstrual concerns women experience during their menstrual cycle is initially mood irritability and cramping. Numerous women have menstrual pains in the days leading up to and during their period. The symptoms vary greatly and are unique to each person.

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Besides cramping and mood changes, some women report having swollen breasts before their monthly flow. At times, symptoms might be so intense that women cannot cope with day-to-day activities. To get rid of these difficulties, you need to see a women’s health specialist.

Vaginal Infections

Some of the common indications of a vaginal issue include a change in the vaginal discharge volume, genital itching, a shift in the hue of your vaginal discharge, and painful intercourse. Other typical signs and symptoms include menstrual bleeding or spotting and a burning sensation or discomfort when urinating. Nonetheless, some vaginal problems show no symptoms at all. Therefore, ladies should have regular check-ups at a women’s health clinic. When identified early, these problems are often easy to treat.

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Breast Examinations

Breast exams are a vital aspect of women’s health. Although you can use a breast self-exam to assess the condition of your breasts from the convenience of your home, experts are divided on their effectiveness in diagnosing breast cancer, infections, and other breast problems. If you are not sure if breast self-examinations are right for you, consult a women’s health physician right away.


Depression is highly prevalent amongst women. It is a significant mental condition that leaves you feeling helpless, sad, hopeless, and useless. It manifests itself in various ways, including reduced appetite, difficulty sleeping, and many more.

For optimal therapy, women require the services of an expert such as a neurosurgeon or a psychologist. They need counseling to refresh their minds and boost their self-confidence to achieve anything without fear. To address your depression and other mental health problem you may have, openly talk your concerns to a women’s health specialist.

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Women have distinct health requirements. As a result, Integrated Family Medical Center women’s health specialists provide comprehensive, individualized care for women at all stages of their lives. Whether you require a basic OB/GYN exam, hormone replacement therapy, or fertility care, Dr. Desai and her team go beyond to help you realize your wellness objectives. For top-quality women’s health care, call the Lady Lake, FL office or book an appointment online today.